Products - Multi-Camera Controller Modules

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To enable simultaneous image capture from the 384, 14 MP sensors used in the AWARE camera systems, Distant Focus developed the Multi-Camera Controller Module (MCCM). These compact controllers can handle up to 32 sensor inputs each and can stream data off at a staggering 64 GBps over 8 fiber-optic outputs.

The MCCM can be configured in several different ways depending on the desired data throughput. An optional module on the side can provide two additional camera connections as well as a gigabit ethernet connection to take the place of the fiber-optic output. The modules can also be synced to an external trigger which can be chained between several different modules.


  • 32 sensor inputs per controller.
  • Four Altera Arria V FPGAs
  • Up to eight 10 GBps fiber optic SFP+ outputs.
  • 16GB DDR3 memory onboard.
  • Suite of sample control software, as well as a software API.
  • Controllers can be connected to each other using SATA cables.

MCCM's are available for purchase along with interface specifications to allow development of custom sensor modules, but typically are purchased as part of a larger project where Distant Focus develops the sensor module and supplies that as well. A limited number of 14 megapixel color Aptina sensor modules are available as well. Please Contact Us for information on pricing and lead times.